Saturday 10 March 2012

Back from the Sun and Wet of Majorca

Im back from Majorca!! 
I had a great time and I think I learned a lot during my time there :) 
I went to this specific training camp because one of my Mum's best friends was there and his name is Neil Martin. Neil martin was a former Pro just like his son who is now a current top professional bike rider named Dan Martin. I learned a lot talking about his son and learning bit and bobs of the world tour scene. If only I had a note pad and pencil on my rides with Neil! just joking! I came very nervous about how I would get on and how strong I would be to other riders. but because on the first week basically nobody was there it was just me, Neil and another rider from Majorca who races himself called Agustin. As time progressed so did my confidence and the fun I was having followed in quick pursuit! :) I loved the aggressive riding with other riders I loved winning, I loved that feel of power! Second week came, and so did other riders. great Sunday chilled ride with fantastic weather even though I was too bouncy and just couldn't help myself... looking back on my SRM data it looks as if not only every hill but everywhere I was attacking! not every time it was me that started it though! ;-). after that S**T weather day after day, I didn't mind the rain or hail so much just the COLD! ;( my inexperience let me down big time and I didn't bring gloves! I was too used to the warmth of the past week. Don't worry though I got better as the week went on (learning). Also I didn't get sick! :) a week of cold and others going down it was time for me to go back home and it was the right time to go I was feeling fatigued even though I tried to not show it. But I need to start preparing for the Race season.  

day off on the Thursday (March 8th) because of travelling and a easy hour the day after was the right thing I needed :) today I aimed for 2 hours and take it by the half hour and see how I feel. I did just over 2 hours and felt good a small tempo effort on box hill was all. came back and Paris-Nice and did a small mountain bike ride with our family dog so he has some exercise. I have planned to have a group ride tomorrow and another easy day on the Monday. 

my schedule:

1st race 17th March  (hopefully wont get a kicking)

2nd race 25th March

3rd race 31st March

This little fella was trying to cross the road on my easy ride :-) I gave him a little help

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