Monday, 15 October 2012

Rest of the year racing

I have been putting this off for a while and it has gotten to a point where I just have to get on with it. enjoy! :)

First race since my last blog was way back on the 1st of July. It was the London Dynamo summer road race, the course was flat with a steep uphill finish up Leith Hill. The race was fast but nothing too demanding with attacks coming all the time. after about 35 K a big group got away and I was forced to act quick a attempt to bridge it. I managed get onto the back of the break but not long, maybe 3-5K later we were brought back. then from that another break went and I was stuck between the break from before to the bunch so pretty much boxed in. the Break established a lead of about 3 minutes and seemed like game over. So I just decided to sit in and wait as a team was trying to bring it back so it became rather relaxed. with about 15 K to go just after the bell. the gap was dropping and hope was coming back! got into about 5th wheel for the climb and we nearly caught the break on the climb... In the end I was 9th.

that was to be my last race for a while as I was training for the National TT champs (Under 23).

Got myself Into great shape and the watts were really showing on my little SRM screen. The training was really difficult and It was great now knowing what I will be doing next year aiming for races I want to do well in. I was even the lightest I have been for a long long time getting to 70kg and as Im 6ft 3 (190cm) Thats  pretty light! but with the data on my side and in what should be the best shape I could be why was I getting so nervous...?

Race day. Set off quick on what was a undulating/flat part of the course. I was keeping to the watts I was aiming to hold but I was struggling... time checks and I was only 15 seconds down on my minute man after 10K who would eventually go onto win. I was cracking, why Is my heart rate so high? and why are my watts getting lower?! with my heart rate way above 200 beats per minute (MAX HR 206) I was fading but really trying to push on and give it everything. The climb on the course wasn't a problem but gave me a boost because of the small crowd who were cheering me on. on the flat straight to the finish i caught 2 people from the senior mens race and 1 from my under 23 race. Done. Tired and disappointed from what I was already assuming a terrible performance, My coach - Adrian Timmis was just after the finish line and spoke with me and made me feel better but I knew deep down It wasn't anywhere near as good as it should've been. I cycled back to the HQ contemplating how low down the leader board I was. Got in and found I was 7th out of 25. Mixed feelings as even though I beet a lot of good strong riders I knew I could've done better and with all that hard work and training I put into it I felt pretty down and down for a few days after... why? too much pressure for one race... Maybe I should've done more 25's? I did do a 25 in the middle of june and won comfortably... Perhaps as It was my first ever National Championships race I whole event got too me and looking at my power If I was doing the power I set out to do and know what I am capable of doing It would've been a better result even considering who was in-front of me:

1 Sam Harrison - 100% ME
2 George Atkins - 100% ME
3 Richard Handley Rapha Condor Sharp
4 Owain Doull 100% ME
5 Alistair Slater 100% ME
6 Jake Clare Sleaford Wheelers
7 Elliott Porter Team Corridori
8 Sam Allan Shetland Wheelers
9 Adam French Rapha Condor CC
10 Luke Grivell-Mellor Rapha Condor Sharp
11 Michael Barnes ASFRA Racing RT
12 Josh Teasdale EFC Omega Pharma Development Team
13 Will Rudgard Wolverhampton Wheelers
14 Jake Martin Cycle Premier
15 Freddie Lewton Dream Cycling

I just put the top 15 up. The top 5 excpet for the winner raced in the tour of Britain this year and the winner competed in the World Under 23 TT Champs. Also something to point out there was a much stronger field this year compared to last year. If you take away 100% ME riders (team GB under23) then I was 3rd. There were no 100% ME riders last year.
I'll just have to get stronger and see what I can do next year.

Next weekend and I was up for a 10 mile TT and I came 2nd :) beating very strong TT'ers Connal Yates and Richard Prebble but losing out by 10 seconds to Peter Tadros.
put into perspective, Connal Beat my time on the Nationals by about a minute so I know I should've gone much quicker on that day! **sigh**

Next was the Handicap Championships, A great way to come back to road racing as I haven't raced for a while Its a gentler way were we are hanicaped into groups according to BC category and under the organiser decision. Our group went well and stayed away from all the Elites for majority of the race. all together attacks started to fly uphill finish and was placed around 10th wheel and came 7th. 

Next was an outing to CycloPark. A strong field and was it was an aggressive race from the gun only for me, Josh Lawless and Robert Moore to get away. We worked really well together and got a really good gap on the bunch with a chasing break about 30 seconds back which Is ages on that circuit. We lapped the field and with a lap to go Robert attacked and Josh was straight onto his wheel and me behind. round the bend and I was thinking when was a good time to go and the Josh went me in pursuit and Robert giving up. 2nd place for me.
Me in the break :)

Next would be my last race of the season and was the SERRL champs. excited about the race and wanting to finish on a high I followed way too many moves and tried to bridge too many breaks and burnt out at the end... :( frustrating. 

end of the 2012 season and as I type I have already finished my end of season break and have done several rides to get back into shape. Testing will commence in the next few days to determine my zones for training :)

Thank you so much for reading and if you've got this far it means you must be pretty interested in me (no I'm not your thinking)  ;)

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