Sunday 26 February 2012

Januray and February training

Last time I wrote it was just before the year and I have moved on a lot since then... back then I was worrying about a 20 minute power profile test. When I think back to it it makes me so happy and proud of how hard I worked since then. I was also talking about how I wanted to go to Majorca like last year, funnily enough that's where i am right now. as many of you might or might not know there has been snow in Majorca!? such a thing is almost unthinkable but for it to even force the the organisers of Trofeo Serra de Tramuntana (Vuelta a a mallorca). but I have done my first ride here and I can say that we hit 20 degrees! which allowed me to strip down to shorts and short selves! 100k's in the bag for the first ride and felt very comfortable never really struggling and felt strong on every climb when we pushed onto.
im gonna just rewind to the start of the year and I did the test and happy to say made big gains :) on a high it gave me such motivation to push on even with the miserable weather. with lots of turbo and long hours on the road it came to February and I went to Paris for the weekend with my girlfriend, it was probably too cold but was amazing nonetheless. then began another hard block of training in prep for leaving Majorca a bit stronger. I had an easy period then yep i had another 20 minute power profile test. happy to say I have improved again. I know for a fact it was my all because I collapsed on a ready made area for to do so afterwards (planning!) had a telling off from Adrian (my coach) for trying to go too hard and suffering on the end and he said to me 'well i hope you learned from it' and i said ' i was learning during the last 5 mins!'. I Just wanted more and it is never strong enough. But! i am very pleased with how my training has gone and im so proud to have a coach like Adrian Timmis to guide me especially on what i hope to be a break though year. too all of though out there (if any!) readers that dont have the know how with watts and power etc i'll stop soon-ish... all in all i am so happy and amazed and i was actuall thinking about it while i was riding with Neil Martin today (Dan Martin's father) how the power im producing now on this climb would have wrecked me last year same time but it s failry comfy now... goes to show how good of a coach Adrian is!
My race of the year will be on the 17th of March and i'll use it to get some race training in as i might struggle with the shrpe changes of speed. After that the next one will be actually my biggest race to date which will be the Wally gimbar throphy. I have seen the startsheet and wow, team uk youth and a several IG-sigma sport riders plus other very strong guys... i have no idea how i'll do, i guess i'll get some sort of idea after the 17th but the race will be twice as hard.

I try and update little and often while im here in Majorca

Elliott Porter