Friday 9 December 2011

testing over now the proper stuff

first of all just like to say 'hi' and thank you very much for even clicking onto my blog. Im new to this and seen that quite a few other riders do this, so why not?

After my break in October my coach Adrian Timmis told me to take 2-3 weeks of getting back into the swings of things. i found it funny yet a bit nerve racking how sluggish i was in the first couple of days. I was worried that i lost power, i was assured that was not the case by my coach and my mother who was once a very successful pro rider. as the bundle of rides and the odd club ride i could start to feel 'me' again!

But, just when i was about to get onto the fitness test.Bang. i was sick and didn't want to believe it but before I went for another ride i called Adrian and he was very wise to tell me to stop and wait. a very frustrating couple of days past and i was feeling better heart rate getting back to the usual but not perfect around 49-53bpm. A few soft rides just to get the legs ready and moving. At least it was only November! 

First test. 
didn't do as well as I planned and wanted to get. I probably went to hard at the start

second test.
was feeling great and in a good mood and felt like i did ok.

third test.
most intimidating test but made sure I didn't over due it but still really knackered myself!

happy that their over but also happy that I did them lots to work on and lots to improve. found a new Max heart rate of 213 beats per minute during my test as well! scary stuff!

did a nice solid long ride yesterday and really excited with how well things are going I have a really tough week next week. 

'train hard so racing is easier'

thanks for reading, if anybody has! :) 

Elliott Porter

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